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1Q84 Reviews


1Q84 Reviews

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami was released last Tuesday, and the reviews are in…

“[1Q84] is Murakami’s finest work: nuanced, brilliant, gripping, philosophical but never tendentious, self-assured, cleverly post-modern yet authentic, and possessed of a haunting surrealism that by this point surely deserves its own adjective: Murakamian?”
—Ben Dooley, The Millions

“…Murakami has created the big, beautiful book so many people have been waiting for. Before it even arrived in this country, “1Q84” was one of the most chattered-about titles of the fall. We got our hopes up — and he didn’t let us down.”
—Kevin Canfield, Kansas City Star

“Translation is at the center of what Murakami does; not a translation from one tongue to another, but the translation of an inner world into this, the outer one. Very few writers speak the truths of that secret, inner universe more fluently.”
—Laura Miller, Salon.com

“…1Q84 is a dizzy labyrinth of a novel, and is well worth reading not only if you’re a fan of Murakami’s books, but if you’re the type that likes to get lost in a deftly constructed maze of a narrative. Reading a Murakami book is akin to eating a box of sweet and gooey chocolates: the writing is so precise and colourful that you want to stop at certain points and just savour the richness. The same is somewhat true for 1Q84, even though you have the distinct sensation that you’re eating a Hersey bar this time out – just something pop-culture infused that’s not nutritious in the least bit.
—Zachary Houle, Pop Matters

“…Murakami evokes a fully articulated vision of a not-quite-nightmare world, in which reality goes its own way and we have no choice but to adapt.”
—David Ulin, Los Angeles Times

“It is possible to enjoy 1Q84 even as the sense grows that a publishing event and a literary event may not be the same thing.”
—Anthony Cummins, Telegraph

“Once you start reading “1Q84,” you won’t want to do much else until you’ve finished it.”
—Michael Dirda, Washington Post

1Q84 is the only of Murakami’s translated works that’s ever struck me as overwritten. There’s a lot of internal monologue that simply revisits events and dialogue that have already transpired, that attempts to explain subtext or analyze weird happenings that we’re better off left to engage with on our own. Yet it would be wrong to assume that this ambitious novel’s flaws emerge from what might be deemed as padding or a lack of focus on the narrative core; the more 1Q84 strays from its ostensible plot the better it gets.
—José Teodoro, National Post

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David Isaacson
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