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Very Bad Poetry

William Shakespeare

Very Bad Poetry

Not everyone can channel their inner Shakespeare. Most of us are more like the million monkeys typing at Very Bad Poetry

Throw Up Love by Megan Maughan

My love for you is like acid rain
pouring down on me, and the pain
of it eats my flesh away
each and every single day.

I know you do not love me,
but you are the lock and I am the key.
You just don’t know it yet,
but I’ll bet
that soon you will love me so much
that it will make you want to throw up.

Each chunk that you upchuck
at first is as horrid as the ugly duck,
but just like snowflakes you will see
that each of them has originality
just like the originality
of the love shared between you and me.

So the next time you have the stomach flu
I want you to think of me and you,
and know that I will be waiting in the acid rain
drowning in my painful pain
until the day you finally see
that you and your puke were meant for me.

Ah, the course of true love never did run smooth…

David Isaacson
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