IKE | Sixteen Candles for the Literary Libras
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Sixteen Candles for the Literary Libras

Sixteen Candles for the Literary Libras

LibraCould there be something to this astrology thing? I’ve had my doubts, but the facts don’t lie. Libras have an interest in the arts. They gravitate towards careers in law, politics, or dipomacy. They also enjoy working in jobs that involve talking and presentation, such as public relations. Looks like they make pretty good writers as well.

The last week in September has produced a bumper crop of literary lions and lionesses. Happy Birthday Literary Libras.

As a birthday present I had my friend, the astrologist, do your charts. She’s new at this, so cut her some slack.

September 24
F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896)
Love life hits the skids this week. Have a drink or five – the storm will blow over (probably).

September 25
William Faulkner (1897)
A change of scenery will do you good. Bridgewater, Connecticut might be just the tonic. It’s dry there.

Shel Silverstein (1930)
Kids driving you crazy? Schedule some alone time with the missus. Don’t forget the candles.

September 26
T.S. Eliot (1888)
Things are looking up for the new year – especially from May to December. But, hunker down in April – it’s the cruellest month.
Jane Smiley (1949)
Relations with siblings prove rocky on the 12th. Put off dealing with real estate transactions while Mercury remains in retrograde.

Will Self (1961)
Is life getting a bit out of control? A visit with Zack Busner might be just what the doctor ordered.

Mark Haddon (1962)
You don’t like conflict, but sometimes you need to mix it up. A co-worker causes problems on the 7th. Don’t be afraid to cause a spot of bother.

September 27
Jim Thompson (1906)
Things appear bleak at the moment. They may get worse before they get better. Hang in there.

Louis Auchincloss (1917)
Money matters come to the fore on the 16th and cause you to reassess the need for a butler. Keep him. If you’ve ever been buttled, you don’t need to ask why.

Josef Škvorecký (1924)
Tired of butting heads with bureaucrats? Take control and start your own business. I hear Canada is nice.

Irvine Welsh (1961)
Why so glum, chum? Your train is about to pull into the station. Where will it take you? Out of your funk.

September 28
Ben Greenman (1969)
Life is kinda blah at the moment – neither supergood nor superbad. Spend some time with the kids. Rent a movie. I hear “KickAss” is pretty good.

September 29
Miguel de Cervantes (1547)
Stop tilting at windmills, Mike. Co-worker comes to the rescue on the 9th. Heed his advice.

September 30
Truman Capote (1924)
Break out of that funk, little man. You need to fly your freak flag. Get together with friends on the 28th. It’ll be FAB-ulous!

W.S. Merwin (1927)
On the surface everything seems placid, but down deep you know it could all blow up tomorrow. Another cup of tea?

Elie Wiesel (1928)
You look like hell, El. Treat yourself to a cure (mani and pedi) – it’ll turn that frown upside down.

David Isaacson
  • gayle

    LOL, this is my favorite post ever!!! More literary horoscopes!

    10.01.10 at 4:39 PM